Dion Jones and the Neon Tears is a new-style country rock band from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The group draws from influences that include contemporary songwriters Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers, and Sturgill Simpson, country music legends Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson, American rock bands like The Band, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, and Little Feat, and more. They pride themselves with an appreciation of great music.

At the helm is songwriter and band leader, Dion Jones. Growing up in the now-thriving 30A area, Jones witnessed it’s transformation from tranquil beach town to culturally rich artistic community. Although he dabbled with the guitar as a child, his passion primarily resided in athletics.

He excelled in football, baseball and soccer, resulting in a sports scholarship to attend college. However, a career in sports was not in his future. Fate intervened when he passed by the campus music hall and took in a mesmerizing choir rehearsal. Instantly captivated by the emanating harmonies, Jones holds that specific moment responsible for rediscovering his passion for music. The following semester, he auditioned for and joined that same college choir. The fire had been lit and there was no turning back.

Sometime after returning to his hometown of Santa Rosa Beach, Jones began performing with various local musicians and writing his first handful of songs. Emboldened by the response and encouragement of his peers, in 2020 he assembled a band based around his vocal abilities and his improving songwriting abilities. The group's freshman year brought a cast of rotating musicians that came and went; two of them being bassist Zack Ketchum and drummer John Reinlie. As Jones began to hit his stride stylistically and creatively, his popularity grew.

It was quickly apparent that experienced musician Reinlie and Dion shared a similar approach and joy for music. Also sharing the drive to lead a

creative yet financially stable life, the two set out to establish the group as both business venture and creative outlet. Part of that process was to assemble musicians with like-minded stylistic contributions best suited to help acheive a new and original sound uniquely their own. Piece by piece over the following year they began working with Jerad Reynolds, Neil Sebree and Adam Cooper and an exciting new sound was born. With an infectious camaraderie, positive energy and humble confidence their performances began igniting an undeniable connection with their fans.

Whether arranging original compositions or reimagining beloved classics, their thirst for musical knowledge, respect for creativity and driving work ethic are baring exciting new results. As they continue to improve their abilities as a creative collaboration, Dion Jones and the Neon Tears are poised to make an enduring impact, heralding a new era of country rock.

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